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New Study Explores Interspecies Dating, Marriage in Western Asia

A new study had revealed that the ancestors of modern humans may have had sexual trysts with Neanderthals in Western Asian region before they headed deep into Europe and Asia. The study, according to researchers, could help explain the impact of the ancient interbreeding had on the human well-being today.

Antonio Manaytay – Fourth Estate Contributor

Buffalo, NY, United States (4E) – A brand new examine had revealed the interspecies trysts in Western Asia as ancestors of recent people left Africa to discover a brand new world and handed by the Middle East and Turkey earlier than they headed into Europe and Asia.

The examine, printed on Oct. 13 in Genome Biology and Evolution, had analyzed the genetic supplies from the individuals residing in Western Asia at present and found DNA sequences traced to the traditional Neanderthals.

From Africa, in keeping with the examine, the human ancestors had most certainly handed and settled in Western Asia area the place they will need to have their sexual trysts with the Neanderthals who lived within the space. The genomic proof strongly suggests of an historical interbreeding occurred within the area.

“As far as human history goes, this area was the stepping stone for the peopling of all of Eurasia,” Omer Gokcumen, assistant professor of organic science on the University of Buffalo, mentioned.

“This is where humans first settled when they left Africa. It may be where they first met Neanderthals. From the standpoint of genetics, it’s a very interesting region,” he mentioned.

The scientists who labored on the mission had analyzed 16 genomes of the individuals of Turkish descent. The genome is the entire set of genetic info of an organism.

“With these genomes, the areas where we see relatively common Neanderthal introgression are in genes related to metabolism and immune system responses,” examine’s first creator Recep Ozgur Taskent mentioned.

“Broadly speaking, these are functions that can have an impact on health,” he added.

A DNA sequence inherited from the Neanderthals had a genetic variant tied to celiac illness whereas one other variant is linked to lowered threat for malaria.

The examine, in keeping with Gokcumen, had proven that the connection of the human ancestors with Neanderthals 1000’s of years in the past might have impacted on the human well-being at present.

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