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Did The Sun And Moon Stop As Bible Account Had It? Scientists Say Oldest Ever Recorded Solar Eclipse Sheds Light

Was it a solar eclipse or simply the sun and moon had stopped? The scientists from the University of Cambridge say they have found the answer.

Antonio Manaytay – Fourth Estate Contributor

Cambridge, United Kingdom (4E) – The solar and moon had stopped in order that the Israelites underneath Joshua can end off their enemies in an epic battle as recorded within the Bible. Now, a gaggle of scientists stated they’ve discovered the proof to make clear this controversial account of the Bible.

The researchers stated the oldest ever recorded photo voltaic eclipse, which date was pinpointed to 30 October 1207 BC, may have a profound affect on each the controversial story within the Bible and the chronology of occasions that occurred throughout the historic time.

The analysis, revealed within the Royal Astronomical Society journal Astronomy & Geophysics, had mixed each the Biblical and Egyptian texts resulting in a revision of dates of the Egyptian pharaohs’ reign, notably the dates when Ramesses the Great reigned.

An account within the Bible about Joshua had it that the “Sun, stood still, and the Moon stopped until the nation took vengeance on their enemies.” This had occurred after Joshua, who led the Israelites into the promise land, prayed that “Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and Moon, in the Valley of Aijalon.”

“If these words are describing a real observation, then a major astronomical event was taking place – the question for us to figure out is what the text actually means,” analysis co-author Professor Sir Colin Humphreys stated. Humphreys, who’s into making an attempt to attach scientific information to the Bible, is a professor of University of Cambridge’s Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy.

Contemporary Bible translations of the King James model have interpreted the textual content “to mean that the sun and moon stopped moving.”

“But going back to the original Hebrew text, we determined that an alternative meaning could be that the sun and moon just stopped doing what they normally do: they stopped shining,” Humphreys defined.

The Hebrew phrases, in keeping with Humphreys, used to explain the occasion in all chance referring to a photo voltaic eclipse.

“This interpretation is supported by the fact that the Hebrew word translated ‘stand still’ has the same root as a Babylonian word used in ancient astronomical texts to describe eclipses,” he stated.

Previously, historians, who tried to attach the controversial Biblical textual content to imply as an eclipse, stated it was not possible to find out what the textual content actually meant as a result of it might contain tedious calculations.

The Biblical determine, Joshua, led the Israelites to the promise land – a area that corresponds to the modern-day Palestine and Israel territory – after the loss of life of Moses. Evidence such because the Merneptah Stele had independently confirmed the presence of Israelites in Canaan between 1500 and 1050 BC. The Merneptah Stele is an historic Egyptian textual content dated to the time of Pharaoh Merneptah, son of the Ramesses the Great. Carved throughout the fifth 12 months of Merrneptah’s reign, it talked about of a profitable Canaan marketing campaign, the place the Israelites have been defeated.

Early works of historians didn’t succeed to pinpoint the precise date of potential eclipse as a result of they have been pondering of a complete photo voltaic eclipse. Humphrey, nevertheless, argued that it was an annular eclipse, the place in contrast to with a complete photo voltaic eclipse the moon is just too removed from the Earth to cowl totally the solar. During an annular eclipse, the remaining uncovered a part of the solar would seem as “ring of fire.”

By growing a brand new eclipse mannequin, considering the rotation of Earth over time, the researchers had pinpointed the precise date of the whole annular eclipse over Canaan throughout the time was within the afternoon of 30 October 1207 BC.

The eclipse, in keeping with researchers, was the oldest ever recorded photo voltaic eclipse. It would additionally assist refine the date of the reigns of Ramesses the Great and Merneptah.

The reigns of the 2 Pharaohs, based mostly on this new discovering, might be refined to inside a 12 months: Ramesses the Great had reigned from 1276 to 1210 BC, with a 12 months might be added or subtracted; and Merneptah’s reign began 1210 or 1209 BC. Subsequently, the dates of a number of reigns might be adjusted in keeping with this discovering.

“Solar eclipses are often used as a fixed point to date events in the ancient world,” Humphreys stated.

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