Ford Kills its Car Production in USA to ‘Reinvent’ the American Car

The Ford Motor Company says its decision to stop producing practically all its passenger cars in the United States isn’t an effort to get rid of its most affordable vehicles to make more expensive SUVs but is aimed at “reinventing the American car” by making them abroad.

Arthur J. Villasanta – Fourth Estate Contributor

Dearborn, MI, United States (4E) – The Ford Motor Company says its determination to cease producing virtually all its passenger automobiles within the United States is not an effort to do away with its most reasonably priced automobiles to make dearer SUVs however is aimed toward “reinventing the American car” by making them overseas.

At the corporate’s current annual assembly, prime Ford executives led by CEO Jim Hackett tried to place a optimistic spin on their determination to put off sedans in Ford’s North American line-up that is angering the motoring public. Critics stated Ford’s plan to cease making the Fiesta, Focus and Taurus; restrict the Focus to at least one crossover mannequin and focus on extra worthwhile vehicles and SUVs is totally eliminates whole market segments of reasonably priced automobiles.

Ford stated SUVs/crossovers and pick-ups will comprise 90 % of its North American line-up by 2020. This means solely the enduring Mustang and the brand new Focus Active would be the solely passenger automobiles made and bought by Ford. The new Focus Active 2020 might be imported into the United States within the 2020 mannequin 12 months. This automotive is alleged to be a five-door hatchback with the visible traits of a crossover. The Focus Active might be assembled in China as a three way partnership with a Chinese firm.

“This doesn’t mean we intend to lose those customers,” stated Ford CEO Jim Hackett of Americans that purchase its automobiles. “We want to give them what they’re telling us they really want. We’re simply reinventing the American car.”

Hackett is the mastermind of the plan to get rid of Ford automobiles altogether. The change to Ford’s line-up is a part of Hackett’s aim to slash $25.2 billion in prices by 2022.

Hackett stated the shift away from sedans is not an abandonment of conventional automobiles however as a metamorphosis of them.”We don’t want anyone to think we’re leaving anything,” stated Hackett. “We’re just moving to a modern version. This is an exciting new generation of vehicles coming from Ford.”

Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. blamed media for the general public’s outrage at Ford’s plan to forsake the manufacturing of sedans within the U.S. altogether.

“I wish the coverage had been a little different,” he stated. “If you got beyond the headline, you’ll see we’re adding to our product line-up and by 2020 we’ll have the freshest showroom in the industry. The headlines look like Ford’s retreating. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.”

Bill Ford stated the corporate might be use the fee financial savings to return money to shareholders; put money into new know-how and companies and fund restructuring.”We believe we can take care of all three,” he stated.

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