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three open supply social platforms to contemplate

It is not any thriller why trendy social media platforms have been designed to be addictive: the extra we seek the advice of them, the extra knowledge they should gasoline them—which permits them to develop smarter and larger and extra highly effective.

The huge, world curiosity in these platforms has created the eye economic system, and folks’s targeted psychological engagement is the brand new gold within the age of knowledge abundance. As economist, political scientist, and cognitive psychologist Herbert A. Simon mentioned in Designing organizations for an information-rich world, “the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes.” And data consumes our consideration, a useful resource we solely have a lot of it.

According to GlobalWebIndex, we at the moment are spending a mean of 142 minutes on social media and messaging platforms each day, 63% greater than the 90 minutes we spent on these platforms simply seven years in the past. This might be defined by the truth that these platforms have grown extra clever over time by finding out the minds and behaviors of customers and making use of these findings to spice up their enchantment.

Of relevance right here is the psychological idea variable-ratio schedule, which provides rewards after a mean variety of responses however on an unpredictable schedule. One instance is slot machines, which can present a reward a mean of each 5 video games, however the gamers do not know the particular variety of video games (one, two, seven, and even 15) they need to play earlier than acquiring a reward. This schedule results in a excessive response price and robust engagement.

Knowing all of this, what can we do to make issues higher and loosen the grip social networks have on us and our knowledge? I counsel the reply is migrating to open supply social platforms, which I imagine think about the humane side of know-how greater than non-public firms do. Here are three open supply social platforms to contemplate.


Pixelfed is a photo-sharing platform that’s ad-free and privacy-focused, which implies no third celebration is making a revenue out of your knowledge. Posts are in chronological order, which implies there isn’t a algorithm making distinctions between content material.

To be part of the community, you’ll be able to choose one of many servers on the list of instances, or you’ll be able to install and run your individual Pixelfed occasion.

Once you’re arrange, you’ll be able to join with different Pixelfed situations. This is called federation, which implies many situations of a software program (on this case, Pixelfed) share knowledge (on this case, footage). When you federate with one other occasion of Pixelfed, you’ll be able to see and work together with footage posted to different accounts.

The challenge is ongoing and desires the neighborhood’s assist to develop. Check Pixelfed’s GitHub web page for extra details about contributing.


Okuna is an open supply, privacy-friendly social community. It is dedicated to being a constructive affect on society and the surroundings, plus it donates 30% of its income to worthy causes.


Mahara is an open supply net utility for constructing and sharing digital portfolios. (The phrase mahara is Māori for reminiscence or considerate consideration.) With Mahara, you’ll be able to create a significant and verifiable skilled profile, however all of your knowledge belongs to you relatively than a company sponsor. It is customizable and might be built-in into different net providers.

You can strive Mahara on its demo site.

Engage for change

If you need to know extra concerning the influence of the eye economic system on our lives and interact for constructive change, check out the Center for Humane Technology, a company making an attempt to mood the eye economic system and make know-how extra humane. Its goal is to spur change that may shield human vulnerabilities from being exploited and due to this fact construct a greater society.

As Sonya Parker mentioned, “whatever you focus your attention on will become important to you even if it’s unimportant.” So let’s focus our consideration on constructing a greater world for all.

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