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Open supply instruments for working a small enterprise in 2022

This yr, ran a number of nice articles specializing in open supply in enterprise. These articles present the facility of open supply in enterprise as instruments, platforms, or integration factors. Let’s evaluate a few of the prime open supply enterprise tales from 2021:

If you have managed tasks in an workplace atmosphere, the chances are you have most likely used Microsoft Project to trace duties and assignments. However, the open supply neighborhood has created many choices for monitoring tasks. For your venture administration wants, Frank Bergmann wrote about utilizing Redmine, ]project-open[, ProjectLibre, GanttProject, TaskJuggler, and ProjeQtOr.

With business intelligence, you can get a better view of your information by sorting data, arranging results, and displaying contextual information. Business Intelligence (BI) is a key technology for any organization that wants to make “data-driven” decisions. Maxime Beauchemin article discusses Apache Superset and how it has matured into a leading open source BI solution.

The pandemic changed how many people prefer to do business—probably permanently. Restaurants and other local retail establishments can no longer rely on walk-in trade, as they once had. Online ordering of food and other items has become the norm and the expectation. It is unlikely consumers will turn their backs on the convenience of e-commerce once the pandemic is over. Don Watkins wrote about six open source plugins to help you create a WordPress site that meets your customers’ preferences for online shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery. It also builds your brand and your customer base.

In any business with a customer-facing component, it’s critical to keep on top of customer interaction. When did we last contact this customer, or when did they last contact us? Who responded from our organization? What service level agreements govern the relationship? These and other questions are best managed in a customer relationship management system (CRM). Nitish Tiwari wrote about Chatwoot, an open source customer relationship platform built with Ruby and Vue.js. Chatwoot was written from scratch to allow customer-relations teams to build end-to-end ticket management and support platforms. This article looks at Chatwoot’s architecture, installation, and key features.

Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, pub, supermarket, gym, or any other business, you need a reliable way to keep in touch with your customers. After all, they’re customers because they like what you do, and if they’ve shared their contact information with you, they want to hear more about what you have to offer. Pradeep Vijayakumar wrote about the Dolibarr project, an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Dolibarr provides a whole range of ERP features, including point-of-sale (POS), invoicing, stock and inventory management, sales orders, purchase orders, and human resources management.

Microsoft Exchange has for many years been nearly unavoidable as a platform for groupware environments. Late in 2020, however, an Austrian open source software developer introduced grommunio, a groupware server and client with a look and feel familiar to Exchange and Outlook users. Markus Feilner wrote about how grommunio can replace Exchange in the enterprise as a robust and fully functional choice for groupware.

Many IT projects are late, over budget, and subject to dramatic changes during development. These issues make invoicing one of the most taxing activities in IT. Frank Bergmann wrote about how ]project-open[ simplifies the method of invoicing. Frank’s article can even function a information to dealing with monetary duties for those who determine to develop into self-employed or arrange a startup.

Open supply is nice enterprise

Open supply software program is not only for builders. Businesses can leverage the facility of open supply software program, as effectively. In reality, open supply is a serious driver in lots of enterprise areas. The instrument you are utilizing immediately may itself be open supply software program or utilizing open supply as a part of the stack.

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